In my journal: Hexagons

I purchased a Fiskars hexagon cutting tool recently.

And set to work!

Firstly I got stuck into a random piece of blended watercolour paper I had around, arranging the pieces with just a small space between them in my watercolour journal. The colours are great together, and I wish I knew which ones I had used so I could recreate it. The tool does well cutting drawing paper and 185gsm watercolour papaer, but cant really handle 300gsm watercolour paper. It also doesn’t cut well if the paper is damp still. Just saying.

A few of the pieces revealed little landscapes, have a look at this one, you couldn’t achieve that if you tried on such a small piece of paper! The side of this piece is only 2cm. Isnt it cute?

I then got a bit excited and painted up two more colour variations, and placed them in frames – loving them.




I tried using my gelli plate to print with the pieces of paper left over when punching out the hexagons, and randonly went across a couple of pages in my Anything Goes Journal.

I had also made hexagons out of paper where the colours were much less blended. Although the colours complement eachother well, I found they were ‘too busy’ compared to the more blended versions above, and I played around with them in different layouts in the Anything Goes Journal.

I LOVE how the different placement of the hexagons created this little gold star when placed on the gold printed newspaper! It got me thinking that there is the potential for a christmas theme, with the combination of red, green and gold.


What do you think? Hexagons – yay or nay?

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